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Clinic Schedule

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U.S. Locations:

NOTE: Non-U.S. locations are listed after US locations.

June 16, 2017 - Yankee Golden Retriever Club 20/20
The Yankee Golden Retriever Club will be hosting an OptiGen sample collection at their annual specialty event in South Hamilton, MA on June 16th. Collection hours from 9am - 3pm for OptiGen testing as well as OFA-CHIC DNA bank for Golden Retrievers and Broad Institute DNA bank. For more information or to register please contact Michael Lappin.
Breed: All Breeds
Location: Myopia Hunt Club, Schooling Grounds, 435 Bay Road, South Hamilton, MA
Contact: Michael Lappin
Phone: 508 759 4522

June 14, 2017 - Southern New Jersey Cocker Spaniel Club 20/20 Clinic
The Southern NJ Cocker Spaniel Club will be hosting an Eye clinic from 4 to 7 pm first come, first served for eyes. Contact Kim for blood draws & microchips, so enough are on hand.

Dr. Michael Brown, owner/partner in Animal Eyes of NJ will be doing CERFs as well as filling out forms for Dr. Aguirre for the cataract research in Cocker Spaniels.

Eye CERFs will be $35.00
Blood draws $10.00
Microchips cost to be announced.

For more information contact Kim Vavolo at 856-220-3826.
Breed: All Breeds
Location: P'Gell's Kennel, 1088 Union Mill Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ  08054
Contact: Kim Vavolo
Phone: 856 220 3826

August 20, 2017 - Watchung Mountain Poodle Club 20/20
Watchung Mountain Poodle Club will be hosting an OptiGen 20/20 clinic at their annual health clinic. In addition to the OptiGen blood draw there will be eye checks. For more information on participating please contact Angela at the email address below or contact Candy Vaughan to schedule your dog's eye appointments at 973 455 0841.
Breed: Poodles
Location: Top Dog Obedience, 24 Bartley Road, Flanders, NJ  07836
Contact: Angela Spitaletto

June 25, 2017 - Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley Health Clinic
The Poodle Club of Lehigh Valley is happy to sponsor a health clinic for all breeds on Sunday, June 25th from 8:30 to 4:00.

Health testing being offered:
OptiGen 20/20 clinic
OFA Eye exams by Dr. Aguirre
Thyroid tests by Dr. J. Dodds
CBC/Chemistries by Dr. J. Dodds
Titers for Parvo, Distemper, Rabies by Dr. J. Dodds
Rabies and DA2PP immunizations
IDEXX Snap 4DX Plus tests with same day results
Titers for A phag and E. canis
Lyme C6 Antibody test
Canine Good Citizen test

For more information, please contact Dorothy Schneck.

Breed: All Breeds
Location: Macungie Memorial Park, Macungie, PA  18062
Contact: Dorothy Schneck
Phone: 570 629 4064

August 05, 2017 - K9 Health Clinic
There will be a Canine Health Clinic on Saturday, August 5th from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm at St. John's Episcopal School, Dallas, TX. They will be offering CERFs, Cardiac testing, Microchipping, CGC testing, Baer testing & additional DNA tests. For more information, please check their website at or contact Stephanie by email or phone.
Breed: All Breeds
Location: St. John's Episcopal School, 848 Harter Road, Dallas, TX  75218
Contact: Stephanie Ayers
Phone: 469 231 9046

Non-U.S. Locations:

June 03, 2017 - OptiGen testing campaign for Yorkshire Terriers
The Norwegian Yorkshire Terrier Club will be hosting an OptiGen test collection clinic at their breed specialty show on the 3rd of June. For more details or to participate, please contact Ingrid Helene.
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Location: Show Site, Fenstad, Norway
Contact: Ingrid Helene
Phone: +47 932 87 262

September 05, 2017 through September 19, 2017 - Foxbarton All Breed 20/20 Clinic - ENGLAND
Val Tiller will be hosting a Discounted All Postal 20-20 Clinic, for all UK & Channel Island residents. Sample kits, full instructions and help provided for those who need it. For more information, please contact Val.
Breed: All Breeds
Location: 15 Beaconsfield Road, Langley Vale, Epsom, Surrey, UK  KT18 6HA
Contact: Val Tiller - Foxbarton Border Collies
Phone: 01372 273597

September 02, 2017 - Durham Kennel Club All Breed 20/20 Clinic
The clinic is being offered by the Durham Kennel
Club at the NC State Fairgrounds from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.
Walk in registration for most tests.
**Pre-registration for Cardiac echocardiogram required

OFA Eye exam by Brian C. Gilger, DVM - $35
Baer Hearing by Susanne Hughes, DVM - $55
Patella luxation by Susanne Hughes, DVM - $30
Dentition by Susanne Hughes , DVM - $30
Microchipping w/registration by Susanne Hughes, DVM - $25
Cardiac Auscultation by Kathleen Brown, DVM, PhD - $45
Cardiac Echocardiogram** by Peggy Sayer, DVM - $195
OptiGen or Hemopet Blood draw by Stacy Hathaway - $25
OptiGen & Hemopet by Stacy Hathaway - $40

For more information please contact Martha Ann.
Breed: All Breeds
Location: NC State Fairgrounds, Jim Graham Bldg. 1025 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC, US  27606
Contact: Martha Ann Traynor
Phone: 919 309 1255

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