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How to Order CEA and/or prcd-PRA Tests - Clients in Europe/OUTSIDE of North America:

OptiGen's CEA/CH and prcd-PRA tests are now available as Add-On tests to the MyDogDNA 2018® Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis for an additional €20.  The MyDogDNA 2018® panel includes 180+ diseases, 20+ traits, and diversity tools, all for one low price.

How to Order CEA/CH and/or prcd-PRA Tests - clients in Europe/OUTSIDE North America:

  1. Go to the MyDogDNA website: 

      2. In the left blue box, labeled "MyDogDNA 2018® (€99)", click on the grey rectangle with the same title
         "MyDogDNA 2018® (€99)".

      3. From the drop-down list, choose the Add-On test you wish to order:

a. MyDogDNA 2018®(€99) with OptiGen Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) (€20)=€119

b. MyDogDNA 2018® (€99) with OptiGen Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) (€20)=€119

c. MyDogDNA 2018® (€99) with BOTH OptiGen Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) (€20) and with OptiGen Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) (€20)=€139

       4. If you are a new customer to MyDogDNA, you will be asked to create an account to place your order.
           Use Promo Code "optigen10" for a 10% discount on the panel! Please note: the optigen10 Promo
           Code is not available for the Add-On tests

a. A cheek swab kit will be shipped to you for €8.

b. Follow the instructions included in your kit to obtain the sample and activate your kit; this will create an account.  Mail the sample back to the lab in the prepaid package.

c. Within ~3 weeks of your sample's receipt in the laboratory, look for an email notifying you that the results are available via your account.

d. Log on to your account to view the test results. If you ordered OptiGen's prcd/or CEA/CH tests the results will appear under the Disorders section of the report.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact MyDogDNA’s Customer Care department by emailing us at or calling +358 50 3678 282, Mon-Fri 12-15 (GMT +2). Or contact OptiGen by emailing or calling +01 607 257 0301.




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