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Tips for a Successful Online Order

Before starting your online order session PLEASE make sure to have all information handy. Also, if you are participating in a clinic PLEASE make sure to contact the clinic coordinator for the online discount code**.

You may want to print off the list of tips, so you can easily reference them while you are completing your order!

Tips to help navigate a customer through an online submission:


  1. Go to the navigation bar and click on the "Order Test" button (2nd from the right) on our website

  2. Click on the online form: complete and submit request online – or you can choose to click on Printable form for a copy to fill out by hand. If you complete an online submission, you will save 5% of the test fee.

  3. Blood sample information…indicate if you are submitting a sample or requesting a test for a sample that OptiGen already has under a long-term storage agreement.

  4. If you are submitting a sample with the request then you will need to indicate if you want long term storage for this sample. If so, there is an additional fee of $35.

  5. Owner information…ie. name, address, phone & other information needed. All fields that are in bold are required fields. If you do not enter information in required fields then you could encounter an error.

  6. Reports – indicate if you want mail, email, or fax. You can only choose ONE!

  7. Dog Information…breed, call name, etc. All fields in bold are required fields, however, some have the option to check N/A if information is not available.

  8. Disease history…either check that the dog has never been examined or designate the month, day and year of the last exam. Indicate if any disease was diagnosed and the name and address of the examining ophthalmologist or veterinary specialist.

  9. Click continue

  10. Submit Sample/Request Test confirmation page will come up with all the information that was just entered. This page needs to be reviewed to see if all information is accurate. If not, use the browser’s back arrow to go back & correct any errors.

  11. Print this page (click the print icon on the tool bar or press Ctrl P.)

  12. Click the button "I have printed this page…continue"

  13. Submit Sample/Request Test continued page. You will have the choice to click on "Add another dog from same litter" (for litter mates),

    - OR - "Add another dog" (if you have more than one dog’s sample to submit)

    - OR - "No more dogs to add…continue" (you have no more go to check out)

  14. Submit Sample/Request Test continued…click "Request DNA Test" to continue to the check out screen or the "check out" if only submitting a sample for storage. If you select the check out button and haven’t selected long term storage you will get an error message.

  15. Request DNA test…a list of dogs just entered will appear, check the corresponding box(es) if you wish to order test(s). If you submit your request online you will receive an automatic 5% discount…no code necessary.
    However, if you are participating in a 20/20, then -


  16. Click confirm request

  17. Order Confirmation screen…gives the amount due for the requested test(s). Here you will indicate how you will be paying…by check or credit card.

    If paying by check: select that mode of payment & print a copy of this page (click the print icon on the tool bar or press Ctrl P.)

    - OR -

    If paying by credit card: select paying by VISA or Mastercard, then enter the credit card number, the expiration date and enter the name as it appears on the card and print a copy of this page (click the print icon on the tool bar or press Ctrl P.)

  18. Submit order to OptiGen

  19. You will get a confirmation THANK YOU…ORDER IS COMPLETE!

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