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Packaging and Shipping Instructions:

Be prepared to ship the sample the same day as it is collected, if at all possible. If you must hold the sample for a while, make sure that it is refrigerated.

Normally, it is NOT necessary to ship by an overnight service within the US. US Postal Service 1st Class or Priority Mail is adequate. Other two to three day delivery services are also suitable. However, schedule the shipment so that it will NOT arrive during a weekend or holiday period. The package carriers do not take responsibility for refrigerating blood samples when delivery to the laboratory is delayed or suspended during holiday periods.

Packaging materials must be leak proof and meet the general requirements of the US Postal Service and other carriers. Appropriate packaging requires:

  • Blood tube inside a sealed plastic bag (or other sealed container).
  • Absorbent material inside the plastic bag. One paper towel is sufficient to soak up any potential leakage. Please do NOT wrap towel around the blood vial.
  • Cushioning wrap - bubble wrap sheets are best - wrap around the plastic bag loosely. Please DO NOT tape or staple to the plastic bag. DO NOT use household insulation.
  • Warm weather - if the temperature at your location at the time of shipping is 80 degrees F (26.67 C) or above, follow these additional instructions:
    • Obtain 2 freezable ice packs, available in hardware, drug and grocery stores.
    • Obtain a styrofoam box that fits into an outer box and is large enough to hold the frozen ice packs and the sample and toweling in a plastic bag and add cushioning material as needed.
    • DO NOT freeze the sample before shipping. It will not freeze when packed as described here.
    • Put the request form and check in a separate sealed bad to keep them dry.
    • Ship the package by overnight delivery service.
    • Put in a sturdy container, either box or tube, with enough cushioning inside to prevent movement of the contents. If you use the US Postal Service, you can obtain a free box marked "Priority Mail" at your post office that is ideal for this purpose.

If you use a carrier other than the US Postal Service, please contact them for any special requirements they might have.

Enclose the request form and payment in the container. You will be notified via email when your sample arrives; if you do not use email, please enclose a self-addressed postcard for receipt notification.


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*** NOTE: OptiGen is not responsible for any charges that are incurred in shipping.***

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